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             What is Sustainability
                     Best stated, it is the need for the human race to develop habits 
                           necessary for both itself and planet Earth to survive. You  
                           might ask, what can we, the ordinary persons do to assist in this?

              Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 

                    Let’s reduce our water consumption by using low flow faucets, 
                          toilets, and water heaters that only produce and heat water when 
                         we need it. With the use of solar panels, which are not nearly as 
                         expensive as in times past, we can produce the energy we need for 
                         electricity from the sun.  

                        Let’s reuse our ordinary objects in another way, ex:   Use wood 
                        from old buildings in a new way, in a renovation project or new 
                        build.   Let’s re purpose old furniture pieces in new ways, use an 
                        old chest as a vanity in a bathroom renovation, paint works 

                       Lastly, but certainly not least, let’s recycle, aluminum, glass, 
                       paper and yes, even some debris is recyclable. Stay tuned for other 
                       ways that you can help save our planet for a new generation.
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